Fall 1997

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About the Fall 1997 Issue

Note from the Editors

George Dickey has edited and added explanatory notes to the diary of Abigail Hackett. This first installment begins with his introduction and includes a map showing where the people mentioned in the diary lived. George lives on one of those farms on Route 30 in Steuben County.

Beth Flory writes about the clubs in Rochester and in New York City made up of former Naples residents who had moved away. Her Mother, Alice Bishop was the secretary for the Rochester Naples Club in the 1930s. Beth Flory is president of the Naples Historical Society.

Robert V. Anderson explains why and how the bounty lands were given to the veterans of the Revolutionary War in this issue. His article about Blue Laws, and Sunday Travel was in issue #95. He is Emeritus Professor at Utica College, and lives in New Hartford, New York.

Richard Palmer relates the varied activities of a prosperous New York farm of a hundred years ago in his article about the Munro Estate. His "The Battles of Sodus Point and Pultneyville" appeared in issue #103 He is a frequent contributor; his series on the Battle of Gettysburg ran in issues #96, #97, and #101. Richard Palmer lives in Tully, New York.

Don Shilling is chronicler for The New Society of the Genesee. His describes the August 23 meeting held at the Valentown Museum, and the September 6 meeting at the LeRoy House. His story of Rochester's Great Circle Tour was in issue #104. Don Shilling lives in Penfield, NY.

The winter issue, #106, will feature Joseph Kane, Sr.'s Joe Kane Recalls the School He Attended. There will also be more from the Diary of Abigail Hackett,, further selections from Alice Stoddard Bishop's Tales of Naples contributed by her daughter Beth B. Flory, and other stories.

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