Winter 1998

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About the Winter 1998 Issue

Note from the Editors

Abigail Hackett's diary continues with the month of March 1865. George Dickey who has edited and added explanatory notes to her diary lives on one of those farms of Abigail's neighbors on The Swale in Steuben County.

Joe Kane recalls his grade school days at Erwin District #4. Joseph J. Kane, Sr. died September 2, 1997. He was Historian and long-time Curator for the museum of the Town of Erwin.

Two more Tales of Naples that were collected by Alice Bishop and saved by her daughter, Beth B. Flory. Beth Flory wrote of the Naples Rochester and NYC clubs in issue 105. She is president of the Naples Historical Society.

Richard Palmer found an 1825 newspaper article in Geneva taken from an Albany paper. It speaks of very early travel and settlements in western New York. Richard Palmer lives in Tully, New York.

David Minor provides historical research materials for authors and students under the name Eagles Byte Historical Research. Timelines for 1784, 1785, 1786 Dave is a Batavia native and lives now in Pittsford.

Robert J. Gregory fondly remembers growing up on a farm in New York State. His tribute to his mother and her beloved pond is in this issue. He is senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Massey University in New Zealand.

Donovan Shilling is chronicler for the New Society of the Genesee. His report of the October 11, 1998 meeting held at the Prouty-Chew House and Museum in Geneva, New York. Don Shilling lives in Penfield, NY.

Robert Beck wrote down his life experiences 99 years ago when he was 60 and living in Hammondsport. In 1995 The Crooked Lake Historical Society published his story in book form. The first four chapters from Robert Beck's Story are presented in this issue.

The book begins with Beck's first and longest account started on New Year's Day, 1899, and contains all his additions through his final installment of November 13, 1911. Robert Beck lived until 1922 and remained active, often sweeping the sidewalk from his home, down through the business district of Hammondsport, and sometimes all the way to the lake.

The spring issue, #107, will feature Grandma's Model-T Stories by Thomas D. Cornell and a perusal of the rural publication Cultivator of 1853 by Robert V. Anderson. There will also be timelines for early years by David Minor and more from the Diary of Abigail Hackett, and other stories.

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