The Crooked Lake Review

Summer 2004

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Issue No. 132

About this Issue

New York Timeline - 1826
by David Minor

How Did They Ever Come Up With That Name? and
The Naming of Cities on the Map of New York State
by Donovan A. Shilling

Sir William Johnstone Pulteney and
The Scottish Origins of Western New York

by Jeffrey M. Johnstone

The 'Cornfield Meet'
by Paul S. Worboys

Authorizing Mothers: A Study of the First Maternal Association
of Utica, New York, 1824 - 1833

by Elizabeth Shanklin

Glancing Backwards
January through September: 1904 & 1954

by Beth Flory

Pioneer Life Was No Picnic for Young Girl
by Richard Palmer

The Letters of Mary Bond
by John G. Sheret

Hattie Mae Gilbert
by Charlene Wentworth

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