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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

April - September, 1843

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

APRIL 1843

1 Saturday
Went to draw stone for foundation to school house, in all we drew 35 loads from Abbot's flats. The stones were piled & the only difficulty was the depth of snow. Cattle came home from Greeks.

2 Sabbath
At home all day. Cut grafts.

3 Monday
Took cattle to Greeks again. Self & Joe, Willhelm got in a hole of potatoes.

4 Tuesday
Went a fishing for salmon trout on lake, the ice is about a foot thick & very solid but so cold I could not stand it.

5 Wednesday
Mended a bridle & cut some grafts. This is the first day since January that a person could sit outdoors comfortably & today a coat is no burden but it is much warmer than it has been & there is some prospect of winters breaking which will be very acceptable —- rainy to night.

6 Thursday
Dressed a little flax, done but little. Took Harvey to J. M. Brundage. Cold & snow squall just dark.

7 Friday
Last day of F. Larrows school. I was there all day. J. M. Brundage & Amos Stone & I fixing out the assessment for building the new school house. Warm.

8 Saturday
Hew’d posts for new dooryard fence — Allen Dunning & mother here. Sally Holladays lost a child about a year old name John Holliday. Very warm, sun shiny & pleasant & the snow has thawed off more today than any other day. Dunnings folks came in a sleigh.

9 Sabbath
Went to the funeral of John Holladay aged one year, ill one week of “Colera Infantile”. Sermon by Reverand Mr. Whipple. Cold day with raw north wind.

10 Monday
Thomas began to work. We began to build dooryard fence.

11 Tuesday
At fence — Warm sunny April day but wind felt as if it blews over snow. I set cherry & apricot grafts.

12 Wednesday
Set out apple, plumb, sherry & pear trees. Fine warm day.

13 Thursday
Sowed grass seed on the Rowel field & began to tag sheep - Warm.

14 Friday
Tom & C. S. Y. tagged sheep at Barretts - Self, C. Y. E. & Ed tagged 265 sheep at home. I 150 — warm & rain night.

15 Saturday
Boys took potatoes out of hole. Father & I fixed dooryard fence. The warmest day we have had. Snow all gone but the banks & they going fast.

16 Sabbath
To Texas to hear Mr. Malory preach.

17 Monday
I fixed dooryard fence. Boys brot down oats. I went to Poppinos & got fruit.

18 Tuesday
Rainy all day - snow on hill. I went to H.P.

19 Wednesday
Still rainy, heavy freshet, made grafting wax & set some cherry.

20 Thursday
I went to Barretts & put up some fence & then put out my grapes. Set up all night with Mr. Hammond — sick of billious diarreah.

21 Friday
Finished tagging ewes & set some pear grafts. Sam Dusenburg come on.

22 Saturday
Set 170 grafts. C. S. Y. let the horses run away.

23 Sabbath
A fine April day with pleasant showers through the day. Self & wife went up to see Grandfather Harrison, quite sick & much dispirited. The old man says he has done all for his country he could & that he has been amply repaid for all he has ever done. That his neighbors are very kind & that he is about to learn all & blesses the name of American Liberty.

24 Monday
Grafted set about 200 — Tom & C. S. Y. put up fence on hill about Dousenbury.

25 Tuesday
Began plowing in little field beyond barn with oxen & horses. Mr. Boyd & Matthews came here 1st night. I set some grafts. Tom reset fence above the hill orchard.

26 Wednesday
Matthews began to work for the season for $9.00 per month. I finished grafting at home & began to grub the trees.

27 Thursday
Rainy day — plowed a little.

28 Friday
I grafted at Barretts. C. S. Y. & Mat finished plowing beyond the barn.

29 Saturday
Self & C. S. Younglove started for the town of Independence, Allegany Co. to get the sheep from C. Mingos —Got to Levi Davis 10 miles up Bennetts creek. Roads bad & showery today.

30 Sabbath
Got a shoe set on Sawney & some fixing to the old waggon & went on to Independence. Whole distance 46 miles — rain hard.


1 Monday
Started for home with 88 sheep. Mingos lost 12 poor & weak — cold & snowy —Drove 15 miles & put up at Mr. Thomas.

2 Tuesday
Drove 15 miles to Rowels — good day.

3 Wednesday
Got home, broke the axle tree to old waggon. I was disappointed in the land in the west part of this county for I was not favourably impressed — but it is certainly good land & I think will be valuable for other purposes than grazing. At present grazing is almost the entire business. The land is light & very easily worked & produces enormous oats, good potatoes & tolerable spring wheat. The timber is beach & maple on the dry up ground & hemlock, pine & some oak on the streams. The face of the land is uneven & in some places quite hilly. The roads were bad & traveling very slow.

4 Thursday
Self, Tom & C. S. Y. went up & began to reset the fence before Wm. Spragues house. Matthew harrowing corn ground on the flat.

5 Friday
I worked in the orchard grubbing & grafting. C. S. Y. & Tom at work at fence & tagging the Allegany sheep. Mat harrowing & plowing on flat.

6 Saturday
Self grubbing apple trees. Mat plowed a furrow on each side of each row of trees. The trees are very grubby & in bad condition.

7 Sabbath
The first cherry blows this morning. Showery, went to meeting to hear Mr. Coe.

8 Monday
Grub’d apple trees in forenoon & planted corn field beyond barn in afternoon.

9 Tuesday
Grub’d apple trees in forenoon & planted on flat in afternoon. J. H. Hill & wife came.

10 Wednesday
Finished planting on flat & sowed 3 bushels spring wheat on S.W. corner of flat. Plowed garden.

11 Thursday
Surveyed for P. A. Harrison — rainy.

12 Friday
I went up hill & got some grass seed, filled a deed & etc. Mat began to plow on hill for the first.

13 Saturday
I went up the Cohocton to settle up with Mr. Holmes. Paid him his share of the percentage of the estate which was $16.50.

14 Sabbath
Came home from Palmers & brot Mrs. Moore with me. Fine day.

15 Monday
Mat & I plowed or finished plowing the little field above the Barrett orchard —I put up the fence round the Wheeler field.

16 Tuesday
Sowed 7˝ bushels oats on the little field. Came home & sowed 2 bushel barley on flat.

17 Wednesday
Grubbed apple trees. C. S. Y. harrowing on flat & Mat plowing on hill.

18 Thursday
Got ready & planted potatoes, in afternoon sowed the shrubery with peas. A. C. Younglove & F. Perry came on grafting trees.

19 Friday
Planted potatoes all day. Dry weather.

20 Saturday
Finished planting potatoes & washed sheep.

21 Sabbath
Went to hear Mr. Malory up to Texas & after he finished Mr. Brown of Dundee, a Christian.

22 Monday
J. M. & Geo. Brundage & self went to Kennedyville & got school house boards - 1000 feet apiece. Warm, dry & dusty. A. C. Younglove & man left.

23 Tuesday
I working in the nursery. A fine thundershower about 3 o’clock P.M. very acceptable.

24 Wednesday Went up to factory took 103˝ pounds tag wool & 72˝ pulled wool. Up to P. A. Harrisons, got my pay for surveying $2.50. Worked in garden until just night. Went to H. P. bot Shultz note of M. H. Ross for $45.

25 Thursday
Surveyed for S. W. Barrett, S. L. Bailey & J. H. Peterson - am to fill four deeds.

26 Friday
Rainy — laid out the ground for new school house.

27 Saturday
Heard the Bishop preach. Boys drew gravel to the dooryard & grubbed apple trees. Wm. Neally here.

28 Sabbath
Heard Mr. Dezeng preach & filled 4 deeds.

29 Monday
Worked on the road. Mr. Waterous pathmaster.

30 Tuesday
Worked on road again, cold & rainy all night.

31 Wednesday
Boys on hill & I up to Kennydville for boards - very cold. 1 Thursday
Boys began the summer follow up to Jesse place. I cleaned barn in the forenoon & went to H.P. in afternoon. Got the appointment of Town Superintendent of Common Schools - resigned the office of Trustee of School District No 7 - Appointed Wm. Hastings to the office of Trustee of District 11 to fill the vacancy of S. Watrous — resigned. Very cold.


2 Friday
Reset the fence along the road in front of Greeks job - Frost cut corn.

3 Saturday
I took Matilda home to her fathers in afternoon, in forenoon surveyed for Hammond.

4 Sabbath
Came home, stopped at Jo. Kingsleys got my dinner, tea at Hills - Heavy thundershower just night.

5 Monday
I finished grubbing the hill orchard then went over to J. M. Brundages & bot library books. Rainy afternoon. Talking of buying a piece of land of Ira Read. I went to H.P. to see if we could raise some money.

6 Tuesday
Went to Bath via Wheeler to see O. F. Marschall court week. Circus etc in Bath - cold & rainy. I should think to judge from appearances that there was a great many people in Bath to but little purpose. 90 at the dinner table.

7 Wednesday
I got up early & went up to Cousin Abrm. Brundages to breakfast with the avowed purpose of seeing Durham about our school house, but more particularly to make a raise of money to buy Ira's place. Abrm. can lend us $50 & then I went over to see Jesse Brundage to swap O. P.Marschall's note for one against Mary Brundage. Succeeded, came home went to H.P. & got Mr Elmendorf to set 4 front teeth for me. Extracted two - filled four (one on both sides) & cleaned the rest - charged $12. Examined J. H. Hill, gave a certificate - got of Wm. Randell on his & Dan Chils notes $164.13 in full pay. Went over to Wm Baker's & got Abm. $50.

8 Thursday
Tom & Geo. M. Stone began to shear sheep. Father, C. S. Y., self, Ira & Alfred Brundage surveyed the 35 acres — then went to H.P. & got the dentist to finish up my teeth & paid him $12. Came back and filled Fathers & Iras deed.* *-Ed:- The 35 acres bought from Ira Read is the piece of property where the T. M. Y. octagon house was built in 1859.

9 Friday
Ira & Ethalinda signed & acknowledged the deed. Paid him $275 cash, J. C. Longwells note $106.90, Ira & Marys note $101.33 & Fathers note for $416.77 - I lent father $160 - Tom, Geo. M. Stone (& Jo Barrett ˝ day) shearing. I doing up wool & father when he could, all that they sheared yesterday behind — finished the Allegany & ewe flocks. Heavy thunder shower just night.

10 Saturday
Dull heavy weather, wind from N. E. G. M. S., Tom & Isaac Cook shearing. I sheared some & done up some wool. Finished what we had dry little after 4 o’clock P.M. rainy bad day - In afternoon I went to Jesse Brundages & got Mary Brundages notes from Reynard St. Huntley - D. Horton & wife here all night.

11 Sabbath
Mr & Mrs Whorton started for home. Cool, misty & unpleasant. Reading , writing etc.

12 Monday
Sheared in the afternoon. Geo. M. Stone helped.

13 Tuesday
Ebinezer & J. Barrett, Isaac Cook, Geo, Tom & I shearing.

14 Wednesday
Geo helped finished shearing at noon, in afternoon we began hoeing corn.

15 Thursday
Wm Hough helped hoe corn, finished the field by the barn & began on the flat.

16 Friday
Rainy day. Set cabbage, planted tomatoes, selling etc. I set some grafts in crab along the line fence & some grafts in hill orchard.

17 Saturday
Hoed in the nursery in forenoon & survey for Widow Black in the afternoon.

18 Sabbath
At home. F. J. Kingsley & Jna. Randel came here most all day. J.H. Hill & wife here. Fine pleasant day but cool for the season.

19 Monday
Hoed corn, Hough helped, Tom sick.

20 Tuesday
I surveyed for Wm Bailey etc - boys & Hough hoeing corn. Aunt Elizza went to Uncle Aulls with John Daniels - Tom sick.

21 Wednesday
I went through the potatoes both ways with the culivator. Hough & boys hoed them. Tom worked in forenoon & then quite sick. I began to sow buckwheat in hill orchard. Abel Patchen here all night from Michigan.

22 Thursday
I finished sowing orchard 5˝ bushels. Abel took stage for Ontario. Tom not able to work. I hoed apple trees a spell & then went to H’port got two plow points. Jn Randel came home with me. Very warm for two days. Now a prospect of rain. Got a letter from Matilda & very glad to hear that she & Myra both well.

23 Friday
All hands worked on the road on the hill. S. Duzenbury helped, rained at noon and all quit. Came home & hoed in garden.

24 Saturday
Father & Mother went to Uncle Aarons. Tom, Mat, C.Y.E. & self loggin and drawing rails off of summer follow. Showery & warm.

25 Sabbath
Began to make school report to County Clerk. Went over to Texas found Jim Blank there.

26 Monday
Tom, Mat, C.Y.E. & self worked on summer follow. Thundershowers all the afternoon but only one small one touched us.

27 Tuesday
All of us on summer follow. Father & Mother got home from Uncle Aarons.

28 Wednesday
On follow again. Chesebra came up to where we were to buy our wool. Showery.

29 Thursday
I went with Mr. Dunning to Oak Hill & surveyed two fifty acre lots & came back.

30 Friday
All hands on summer follow, very warm.  


1 Saturday
This I think has been the warmest day I ever saw. I surveyed for John Bailey & then went to Reading after Matilda.

2 Sabbath
Started early & got to Wayne meeting house just in time to hear Wm Andrews preach two excellent sermons.

3 Monday
Went to Wheeler field & got the sheep & then hoed the garden. At H.P. in evening - Mat. plowing, Tom plowing corn.

4 Tuesday
Self, Wife & Julia Ann went to Bath to hear Mr Adams of Penn Yan deliver an oration which he done with much honor to himself & satisfaction to a large audience in attendance. The day was fine & the celebration went with sorbriety & unison to all appearances - Hough hoed.

5 Wednesday
Rain in forenoon, hoed corn in afternoon.

6 Thursday
Hoed corn on flat. Hough helped. I helped put on the foundation of school house. Tom unwell & did not work in afternoon.

7 Friday
Finished corn & potatoes. Ellis & Hough worked. Tom sick yet. Rainy in forenoon.

8 Saturday
Self, Clark Ellis & Mat on summer follow. Tom sick yet. Matilda sick tonight - Church came.

9 Sabbath
Matilda confined to bed all day - C.S.Y. unwell.

10 Monday
C.S.Y. quite sick - got Doc Church, gave an emetick & physick very sick all day. Matilda better but yet quite ill. Mat plowing, Tom & I hoeing in nursery.

11 Tuesday
Mat plowing, Tom & I began to mow. Cool, prospect of rain, wind N.E.

12 Wednesday
Tom, Hough & self mowed. G.M.Stone came at 9 o’clock A.M. & S. Dusinberry at noon. Mowing in clover field. Mother sick with influenza, Matilda smart so that she went down stairs for first. C.S.Y. better but still quite unwell. Mat plow.

13 Thursday
All hands at hay. Clark Ellis came so that we drove 7 scythes. Finished mowing the clover field & began in the little meadow below. Drew 2 loads - Influenza better.

14 Friday
All hands at hay again, finished mowing the little meadow. Drew in 6 loads. Mother & C.S.Y. better, Matilda about house.

15 Saturday
All hoed nursery till 9 o’clock then rain & all quit. Rain in the night.

16 Sabbath
Good hay day. Worked about ˝ the day & got up the hay that we had down. Warm looked like rain but none.

17 Monday
Sprague began to work one month for $17 - Showery all day - Julia & Lucinda sick with the influenza. Mother & C.S.Y. better. Showery & very warm. Myra 3 year old today.

18 Tuesday
Mat plowed in follow. I went to mill in forenoon & drew hay in afternoon. All rest in the hay all day.

19 Wednesday
All hands in hay. Cloudy wind N.

20 Thursday
All in hay. A.S.Gregory came into the hayfield just night. Frost this morning.

21 Friday
All in hay but Sprague. James Laughlin 2/3 day. (frost again this morning)

22 Saturday
All hands in hay (clear & warm)

23 Sabbath
At home all day. Warm today.

24 Monday
All in hay but me. I went to Bath to the Convention of Town Superintendents of Common Schools. Only 14 of the 28 Superintendents present, after a short session adjourned to first Tuesday of October. Showery but little rain. A.S.Gregory went with me.

25 Tuesday
All hands mowing, finished the big meadow & began in Iras meadow

26 Wednesday
Mowed in forenoon & raked & drew in afternoon, prospect of rain, warm.

27 Thursday
Drawing hay all day - Warm very. A.S.Gregory & wife visit here today. Wm McCaslin Jun. came to hire for a short time.

28 Friday
All in hay - McCaslin helped. Thunder shower at night. Warm & dry.

29 Saturday
All in hay but Hough, he hoeing his potatoes, put the culivator through the nursery early in the morning - rainy night.

30 Sabbath
Cool, I went over to see Amos S. Gregory.

31 Monday
All in hay but Mat (sick). Gen. Kernan & Mr Matthews of Troy came here to see some maps.


1 Tuesday
All in hay except myself. In afternoon visited J.H.Hills school in company with Mr. Finch - Julia & Matilda went to Cousin Abm Brundages visiting. Showery so they did not return.

2 Wednesday
Sprague & Dusinbury went on the hill, all the rest in hay at home. J.H.Hill & wife here all night. Cool.

3 Thursday
Tom & Mat on the hill, Self & Wm McCaslin finished at home.

4 Friday
All in hay on hill. Grass good.

5 Saturday
All in hay on hill. Lowery weather.

6 Sabbath
At home all day.

7 Monday
Self, Tom, Bill McCaslin & O.H. Read in wheat on hill & the rest in hay.

8 Tuesday
Rain in forenoon but did not amount to anything. Very dry weather. In afternoon drove 3 cradles.

9 Wednesday
Finished cutting the harvest by John Daniels. Otis Read had worked 2˝ days. Sprague & Dusinbury at hay in afternoon.

10 Thursday
All at hay & finished at Dusinburys & moved over to the Daniels place began to mow. Tom at the barley at home.

11 Friday
Tom & I began at the wheat in the Rowell field. The rest at hay in orchard

12 Saturday
Drawed in the hay from orchard 9 loads. Geo M. Stone helped in the harvest. Cut & put up 80 doz. All hands raked & bound from 4 o’clock till night.

13 Sabbath
I went to hear Mr. Spaulding, Episcopal Minister. Saw Mr Davis & Mather the claimants of lands in Tp No 5 in 2nd range - Got letter from Pierson.

14 Monday
Began to stack wheat by John Daniels. Otis Read, John Sprague & Levi Barrett in addition to our hands. Dusinbury quit & began his own, began to rain at noon. Hough quit then I went to H’port in afternoon. Got my maps & a letter from Messrs Davis & Mather of Troy requesting me to send them the boundry of every mans farm in N.W. corner of Tp No 5 in 2nd range comprising 40 lots or something over 7000 acres. Not much rain.

15 Tuesday
Finished stacking wheat 180 doz - the rest in hay on hill & Barretts in afternoon & own in forenoon.

16 Wednesday
All hands in hay. John Sprague & I cut wheat half of the forenoon. Otis helped, got in 12 loads of hay.

17 Thursday
Finished drawing hay 8 loads & got 745 doz wheat & 15 doz barley. Otis ˝ day but only Wm Sprague finished the hay & barley & all the wheat that is cut.

18 Friday
I went to Bath, got my tooth reset & went to the land office to get the allottments of the N.W. corner of Tp 5 in 2 for Messrs Davis & Mather. Tom, Mat & Bill McCaslin cutting wheat, a fine rain today.

19 Saturday
Went to put the plates on the school house. Wm Andrews & wife came here, staid all night. Mrs Bunts here also P. Marselle & Kasiah Wygant. Rainy - This is quite the most of a rain that we have had in six weeks. The drouth was severe.

20 Sabbath
I went with Andrews to Tyrone as he had an appointment there to preach - very rainy.

21 Monday
Wm McCaslin began to work two months for $10 per month. Boys all went into the summer follow. I went through Pulteney to get the situation of the farms for Messrs Mather & Davis.

22 Tuesday
Boys in summer follow. I at work at Davis & Mathers map in forenoon & raising the roof to the schoolhouse in afternoon. Heavy rain at night.

23 Wednesday
I at work at my map, finished it up & sent it to Troy with my charge $10.00. John Faulkner & wife Catherine & Sally Ann here visiting. I went to H’port got some peach buds - Marselle came home with me to help me bud. Hill, wife & Elias here in evening.

24 Thursday
George M. Stone cutting spring wheat. Bill raking & binding. Marselle & I buding peaches. I in barley in afternoon. Tom in wheat on hill & Mat plowing.

25 Friday
Tom & Dusinberry finished getting in wheat out of Rowell field. I setting buds & cradling spring wheat. Bill at work in wheat. Mat plowing.

26 Saturday
Took down our wool 1514 pounds at 40˘ - got some buds from Hastings garden. Budded in the afternoon. J.H.Hill help me in evening. Went to caucus - elected a delagate.

27 Sabbath
At home, wrote letter to H.R.Pierson. Rode round the valley just night - showery.

28 Monday
Boys on follow. Self & two Corneliuses in nursery budding. James Laughlin began to work ˝ month for $5.50 at ditching. Began on the new line between us & Ira.

29 Tuesday
I budded in forenoon & stacked the spring wheat in afternoon. 64 doz. Tom & Dusinbury finished drawing in winter wheat on hill.

30 Wednesday
Went to H.P. got some buds then budded the rest of day - Examined Rachel Pickett to teach in district No 3.

31 Thursday
Went over to the school house in morning & then up on the hill. Laughlin not here - picked out 325 ewes, came home & went to H.P. Mat laid up with a bile on his ancle.


1 Friday
County convention I was a delegate & attended - The convention was very full as there was but a single delegate absent & he from Caton. Esq. Lybolt President - the court house was full - all county nominations were made. Mr Hough threshing, Otis Read cutting spring wheat - boys plowing.

2 Saturday
Sorted sheep & took 250 weathers to Wheeler. Hough threshing. J. Laughlin ditching. Boys plowing. Wm McCaslin gone home. I sowed 2˝ bush wheat.

3 Sabbath
Very warm & a little showery. Went over to see the school house. Wm Andrews & F. Larrowe called.

4 Monday
Company training conducted by Capt M.J.Barns & the rifle by Capt Amos Stone. Miserable, Boys on follow & James in ditch. Tom sowed 3 bushels on 2 acres at the upper end of the grass plot.

5 Tuesday
I sowed 5 bushels & finished the lower field & then Tom & I got in 23 doz oats. Mat & Bill drawing stumps & roots. C.Y.E. harrowing.

6 Wednesday
Very rainy all day, a fine heavy rain. Tom cut wood. Jimy cleaned the well under the barn. Mat, Bill & I threshed 20 doz wheat for seed with the horses - cleaned Houghs (19 in all).

7 Thursday
Rainy, boys began to dig a cistern. Jimy not here. I went to Pulteney as a witness between Stratton & Clark. Gillett went with me, got home 12 o’clock night.

8 Friday
Tom & Bill cut oats. C.S.Y. & Mat threshed 10 doz wheat & then began to harrow. Ground very wet, Jim not here. I came home sick, Colera Morbus quite sick all night.

9 Saturday
Better today but still quite unwell. Boys on hill at work harrowing wheat, sown first of the week. I inspected Mrs Stone.

10 Sabbath
Cool, Julia & Matilda at meeting. I grunting but then I am on the bed. Cold. F. Larrowe here all night.

11 Monday
Self quite unwell, went in afternoon & saw Doc McGregor, got some pills. Boys on hill - Jimy here in afternoon only.

12 Tuesday
I took pills, very sick but better just night. Boys on hill, C.S.Y. & Tom took up oats. Jimy not here. Eunice & Grandma Baker here in afternoon.

13 Wednesday
I went to H.P. got some pins made to survey with - compass box fixed & left it for Barns to varnish. Boys on hill. Tom began to cut buckwheat in hill orchard. Jimy here all day.

14 Thursday
Very rainy all day. Cleaned the grass seed at Dusinburys - Bill & Mat threshing seed. Jimy here. Frank Laughlin began this morning to work ˝ month $5.50.

15 Friday
Drawing stone & filling the ditches west of the spring. Jimy & Frank not here. This morning ended a heavy rain. Tom cut buckwheat.

16 Saturday
Jimy & Frank in ditch. Bill finished cradling the buckwheat. Tom, Mat & I resetting the fence east side hill orchard. Father to Bath.

17 Sabbath
Wrote to Rickey - went over the valley - warm.

18 Monday
Frank & Jimy both here - Jimy ˝ month finished - Tom & Bill cut corn, began at the wheat but a heavy shower in afternoon drove us off & we came home after dinner.

19 Tuesday
Tom & Bill cut corn. Mat, boys & I filling the ditch beyond the swamp with stone. Frank in the ditch again.

20 Wednesday
I sowed 8 bushels of wheat on the ridge field. Mat & C.S.Y. harrowing. Tom & Bill cut corn, Frank in ditch. Very hot weather.

21 Thursday
I budded. Mat & C.S.Y. harrowed. Tom & Bill finished cutting corn, Frank in ditch. Very hot weather.

22 Friday
Self & C.S.Y. at general training. Mat & C.Y.E. finished harrowing the ridge field. Tom & Bill at work on Browns line fence. Frank in ditch.

23 Saturday
Mat & Bill plowing. I went up & fixed the harness for the boys & then got in the oats at the Daniels place. Came home, budded some & hoed nursery. David Divan & wife here to tea. Tom & C.S.Y. raked the buckwheat. Frank not here.

24 Sabbath
Wrote to Pierson and road around the valley. Warm.

25 Monday
Rain’d last night, too wet to plow. All hands drawing rails & making line fence at lower side of the big N.W. field on the Daniels place. A very heavy shower today at noon - still very warm. Frank not here.

26 Tuesday
Tom & Bill at fence. Mat, C.S.Y. & self filling in the ditch beyond the spring. Frank in ditch. Misty & a little cool. Hill & wife here all night.

27 Wednesday
Tom & Bill finished the line fence. Boys & I filling & leveling the ditch. Frank here. Father went to see Bill Bailey about shingles. Cool.

28 Thursday
I went to Wheelers sawmill & got 1300 feet of lath for school house. Boys husked corn. Frank here. Cold - the first frost this morning quite heavy.

29 Friday
Husked corn. Mat & Bill plowed on hill. Frank in ditch. Heavy frost. Uncle & Aunt Aulls here.

30 Saturday
Husked in forenoon & threshed buckwheat in afternoon. Mat & Bill finished plowing on hill. Frank here all day.

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