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March 2008

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Timothy Meigs Younglove Diary

Compiled by

Leonard Paul Wood

8333 Pleasant Valley Road, Hammondsport, N.Y.
Great-Great Grandson of T. M. Younglove

MARCH 1844

1 Friday
I went to H’port got Fanny shod two shoes & the buggy fixed. Very warm, did not freeze at all last night — today real Indian summer.

2 Saturday
Started at 9 AM for Gorham, got there at dark. Very muddy, rained some & about 4 PM began to snow, snowed an inch or two.

3 Sabbath
Azariah, John & I went to the sugar camp where Cornelius & Moses were boiling sugar. Cold, blustery weather. I went to Moses.

4 Monday
The road so muddy & between a freeze & a thaw that we thought we had better not start. I went to Cornelius, very cold & windy.

5 Tuesday
Julia Ann & I started at 8 AM & got home at 3 PM. This is my birthday 30 years old.— Warm.

6 Wednesday
I cut grafts for James Webster then went up the hill & looked about among the sheep etc. Warm.

7 Thursday
I began to plow in the hill orchard. Very warm.

8 Friday
I plowing in hill orchard — rainy — misty but warm. Miss C. Sherwood here visiting.

9 Saturday.
Plowing — warm — Soloman Herman a German pedlar here.

10 Sabbath
Father threatened with cholic — I went down & got some caster oil — warm.

11 Monday
Surveyed for G.M. Stone & plowed some. Very warm & sultry but the face of the south mountain is froxen yet.

12 Tuesday
I plowed in hill orchard. John Brundage & wife & Rachel & G.M.Stone & wife visiting — some rainy.

13 Wednesday
Killed the bull. J. McBurney here. Rainy.

14 Thursday
I went up the hill & brot 28 bushels wheat from Houghs. Took 56 pounds beef to T. White 4½’ 60 to Wm Sedgewick at 4½’ 35 pounds to S.B. Fairchild at 5’ deposited the wheat at Adsits. J. McBurney went home. Cold wind N.E.

15 Friday
I plowed in the hill orchard — Andrew Blanck & a dentist by the name of Somner was arrested for stealing the body of a young man who was drowned on the 4th but nothing could be proved & they were acquitted — They were in Bath at the time of the arrest where it is supposed the body was taken, but the Doctors of Bath & H’port swear that they knew nothing of the matter & none of them had seen or known of a subject being about within the past two weeks. Community are much excited & no prospect of finding the offender. E.B.Pulling has made himself particularly conspicious & obnoxious to community — Rainy night.

16 Saturday
I went down & surveyed a new graveyard at H’port. Boys took the lambs to Dusinburys. Rainy. Tom drew 93 rails from Abm Osterhousts — Last night the Sheriff took Dan Taylor for forging an order on Abm Brundage 2nd to a store in Bath.

17 Sabbath
Myra is quite sick, has been by spells for more than a week. At home all day — Lattimer here & Wm Baker.

18 Monday Very cold. Thomas began to work. I went down & got Doc McGeggor for Myra, she is quite sick. The doctor says she has got the billious remitting fever. Left her some calomel. I cut some grafts. Wm Andrews & Mr Finch here to dinner. Went down & heard Mr. Finch lecture in evening. Tom drew rails from Abm Osterhouts.

19 Tuesday
Hiram Bell began to work ½ month for 4$. Tom drew rails from Osterhouts & then drew scantling from Katy Bakers mill & some stone to the creek. Hiram & I cut the old hedge on old line & put the brush in creek. Mr & Mrs Spalding here. Very cold morning but moderate toward night. Myras medicine is operating & cannot tell whether she is better or not — She was quite well in forepart of day but worse in afternoon as usual.

20 Wednesday
Tom, Bell & I worked in the forenoon at the big ditch bank. Bill got sick & quit at noon — Tom cut wood in woodhouse in afternoon. Cold. Saw a flock of wild geese.

21 Thursday
Tom & I drawing manure on to the potatoe patch. Bell came back & worked in afternoon at old hedge — two inches of snow & cold.

22 Friday
Tom drawing dung. Bell & I work at the old hedge. Cold but pleasant.

23 Saturday
Tom at dung. Bell & I at old hedge again. Clear but cool wind North. Myra better.

24 Sabbath
Hill here all day till just night & then I went down with him & up to David Kingsleys & got some red pound sweet grafts. More pleasant, wind west. Myra beginning to get well I think.

25 Monday
Tom finished plowing the hill orchard. Bell & I hoeing the apple trees. Sowed 1½ bushels of wheat on the orchard.

26 Tuesday Bell finished hoeing trees, Tom harrowing in wheat. John Obrine & I trimming apple trees in hill orchard — I sowed 3 bushels more wheat on orchard. Matilda & Julia went to Amos Stones visiting. Myra still better — warm — John Stevenson here all night.

27 Wednesday
Rainy in forenoon — in afternoon Matilda & I went to Bath. Tom plowed nursery — Bill trimmed apple trees — I bot 1 bushel clover seed $7.

28 Thursday
Sowed 3½ bushels oats in hill orchard & trimmed apple trees. Pleasant weather.

29 Friday
Bell & I sowed the hill orchard with grass seed & then trim’d trees — Tom went to school the last day — I went in afternoon — cold — Bell quit.

30 Saturday
Snow 6 inches deep & a bitter storm from N.E. Tom & I cut the posts to fence the schoolhouse. I went to H’port for I.R.Wood to see M. Brown. Very cold.

31 Sabbath
At home all day. The wind still remained S.E. & is cold but the sun shines warm & is cutting off the snow quite fast. The sleighs running quite briskly. Judge Larrow here just night. Myra is getting well but is quite slender yet.

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