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Fall 2005

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Saints, Sinners and Reformers

The Burned-Over District Re-Visited


John H. Martin



An Overview: The Burned-over District

Part One

Western New York before the
Waves of Enthusiasm and Reform

I. The Iroquois Dilemma:

Joseph Brant: The Demise of the Iroquois League

Handsome Lake: A New Religion for the Seneca

II. Early Settlements in Western New York:

Charles Williamson: The Pulteney Estates in the Genesee Lands

Part Two

Western New York:
Religious Enthusiasm and Its Aftermath

I. Celibacy and Communal Life:

Jemima Wilkinson: The Re-incarnation of the Divine in Female Form

Sodus Bay and Groveland: Shaker Life in Western New York

II. Religion on the Frontier of Western New York:

Charles Grandison Finney: New York Revivalism in the 1820s-1830s

William Miller: The End of Time and the Adventist Sects

Joseph Smith: The Angel Moroni and Mormonism in New York State

The Fox Sisters: Communicating with the Beyond:
Spiritualism and the Lily Dale Community

III. Perfectionism, Communal Living, and Sexual Innovation:

John Humphrey Noyes:
The Oneida Community and Complex Marriage

IV. Secular and Artistic Reforms:

Orson Fowler: Phrenology and Octagon Houses

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: Women's Rights

Garret Smith, Frederick Douglas, and
Harriet Tubman: The Anti-slavery Impulse

Elbert Hubbard: Roycroft Arts and Crafts

V. Epilogue

VI. Bibliography

© 2005, all rights reserved, John H. Martin
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