December 1990

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The Christmas Tree

[Illustration to be added]

A happy group is gathered around our Christmas tree. Happy hearts and happy faces. How beautiful are those Christmas gatherings! How many homes are made happy on that day! Sons and daughters, who have left the paternal roof to follow their vocation in busy town or crowded city, now revisit the scene of their childhood, where gathering round the fire as in days gone by, they recall pleasant memories of the past, sing old songs well-nigh forgotten, while the familiar sports, the forfeits, riddles, the country dance, blindman's buff, or hunt the slipper, which delighted their youthful years, are once more welcomed and enjoyed with a renewal of youthful feeling. Aged parents fancy themselves young again, as they witness the happiness of their children, at times down to the third generation, and few there are who do not find this quieter pleasures of our time as good for heart and mind, as our forefathers did their noisy revellings—perhaps better.

From Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine, December, 1861.
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