December 1992

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Our issue begins with part one of Robert Koch's three-part story about geologist and world-traveling specimen collector Henry A. Ward who founded Ward's Natural Science Establishment in Rochester. Robert Koch broadcasts mornings from WXXI-FM Tuesdays at 7:45, Thursdays at 7:15, and Saturdays at 9:30.

Richard Palmer gives us a reminiscence and history of Roseland Park that operated in Canandaigua from 1925 through the summer season of 1985. He remembers visits to the landmark amusement park as a boy. His family lived in Palmyra in the late 1940s, and several times each summer his parents brought him in their car to Canandaigua and Roseland Park for an entertaining outing. He considers Canandaigua to be "the grand old lady of the Finger Lakes." He was born there. Richard Palmer lives in Tully, New York, and has written books about stage routes and railroads.

In this issue, we begin serialization of Warren Hunting Smith's book The Misses Elliot of Geneva with a new preface for readers of the Crooked Lake Review. The book was first published in 1940 when he was 34 years old. The two central characters are modeled on a pair of unusual sisters who astonished and amused their community at the turn of the century. In the story with "Miss Primrose" and "Miss Candida" are other eccentric personalities, composites of real Genevans who were a part of the old society. Mr. Smith lives in Geneva. He was editor of the Yale Edition of the Horace Walpole papers.

Robert McNamara tells Chapter III of his story about Charles and Ena Corwin who helped to bring many famous musical performers to Corning. Rev. McNamara grew up in Corning and lives in Rochester.

We present another installment from Josephine deZeng's 1842 diary . The only known typsecript of the diary Miss deZeng wrote in 1842 and 1854 was given by Dr. Robert E. Doran to the Geneva Historical Society in 1976.

Next Issue

The January issue will again feature articles about genealogy. Elwyn Van Etten, who lives in Big Flats but spends much time in Elmira at Steele Library helping people with their family research and teaching seminars in genealogy, will present his Genealogy 301.

Inez Albee will have stories about her family researches.

James Folts is Cohocton Historian and archivist at the New York State Archives and Records Administration in Albany. He has written The Story of Joe Rosenkrans: Steuben County's Most Famous Crook. It will begin in the next issue.

The January issue will also bring the second chapter from The Misses Elliot of Geneva, the second installment by Robert Koch of Henry Ward's life, Chap. IV of Rev. Robert McNamara's tribute to Charles Corwin, and more from the diary of Josephine Matilda deZeng.

1993 is the two hundredth anniversary of the founding of Bath, New York. Each month of 1993 THE CROOKED LAKE REVIEW will reprint an item from The Centennial of Bath, New York. The book was published in 1893 and contains 280 pages with historical discourses, the twenty-page Centennial Poem by Zenas Parker, the historical address of Ansel J. McCall, and the program of the celebration on June 4th, 6th, and 7th, 1893.

The book was reprinted this year by the Steuben County Historical Society. To receive a copy send $22.95 plus $3 for shipping to the S. C. H. S., P.O. Box 349, Bath, NY 14810.

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