December 1992

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Diary of

Josephine Matilda deZeng

Geneva, New York

About Josephine Matilda deZeng

October 1842

Sunday, 23th

Our Sunday-school was very small today, but more interesting, Sarah & I both thought, than usual. Mama could not go to Church this morning, as poor Kit was so unwell, with sore throat. This afternoon we all went, but Auntie Dox stayed with Kit, as she felt too tired after walking down to go to Church.

Saw Hatley Dox in church, he is raising a furious pair of whiskers. Ed DeLancey—ditto.

In the papers this evening I saw the announcement of H's uncle's marriage at the Hague—he is Chargé d'affaire. Wonder if it will inspire his nephew.

It has seemed quite lonely to-day with our small family, only Mama & six children. Papa at Clyde, James not down from "the Factory," Kit sick.

Don't remember distinctly what I dreamed last night, hope to do better tonight. I love to make & remember a pleasant dream. P.S. Kate Townsend married last Thursday.

Monday, 24th

Sophia's wedding passed off finely—every-body was there—the day pleasant, the bride pretty. After the ceremony went shopping—saw Mrs. Dorsey about the muffs. I wish Pa would let us have them. Sewed diligently this afternoon, till Aunt Sarah came in—then Ed Dox & then the Megraths. Just at five o'clock Pa came home & with him Aunt Lawrence, just behind came Uncle Jas. & Aunt Maria. After tea Uncle James & Ed Dox came down, Kingsland came in, and we had a "Soiree musicale" thing, instrumental & vocal, for after we had played in concerto all we knew Kingsland & I performed from the Opera of Norma.

I think it is rather ridiculous in Miss May Ten Eyck not to write to me. She deserves a trimming. Virginia Nicholas was put to bed of a girl Sunday.

Tuesday, 25th

Shopped all the morning with Mama and Aunts Stow & Lawrence. Teazed Aunt Maria for some of Mrs. Dorsey's hair-pins, but she would not be persuaded. After dinner they all went to "The Farm." Uncle James sat with me some time & then went home, supposing they would remain up to tea. Richard Lawrence came up to tea, and stayed until they all came down after tea. We then had some music as Jas. was here. Were all quite alarmed at indication of a fire, probably at Clyde—"time will show." Finished my tarletan cape to-day. Aunt L. says it is too full in the back, making me look round-shouldered—must alter it soon. I have rather expected to see H. today. I know it is foolish, but still I put faith in what Durand told me. I call it a presentiment—hope I'll dream to-night.

Wednesday, 26th

Aunt Maria left us this morning, with Uncle Jas.; and Mama & Aunt Lawrence were visiting & shopping nearly all day. In the afternoon the Stoddards called, and Lillie Gallagher came to see how Kit was. Mrs. Hudson, Jane, & Miss Dey came in this evening & sat some time, all very pleasant but I have had the Asthma so dreadfully all day, I feel anything but agreeable.

Mary Dillon was up this evening to see Aunt L. She seems just the same as when she lived in Aunt L's kitchen.

John Whiting went to Rochester today to be examined & admitted. I wonder if he and Sarah S. will strike up a match now. Mrs. Bogert told Mama that she expected Charles today. I am sure May will write by him. I dreamed delightfully last night—hope to do as well to-night.

Typescript of the diary provided by the Geneva Historical Society.
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