October 1993

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

John Rezelman writes about grocery stores when he was a boy.. He has written in earlier issues about old-time barns, apples raised on Steuben County farms, local Italian gardens, and grape culture. He lives in Bath, New York.

Robert F. McNamara returns with the first installment of a story about a trip he made with two high school friends from Corning through southeastern Canada and New England in 1928. The three men still get together to talk over their automobile journey. Rev. McNamara's series about Coming's Memorable Maestro, Charles C. Corwin appeared here last October through February. The Corwins' son Bill was one of the three companions.

Chapter two from Hannah Lapp's book in progress, The Grapes of Opportunity. She tells this time about getting acquainted in New York State. Miss Lapp lives and writes on her family's farm in Chautauqua County where they have cows, and raise fruits and vegetables for sale.

Robert Koch's Education in Earlier Times continues in this issue with his report about rural district schools and their teachers. Dr. Koch was Dean of the University College and Director of summer sessions at the University of Rochester from 1970 until 1982. Since 1976 he has broadcast interviews on arts and culture twice a week from WXXI-FM.

Chapter VIII from The Misses Elliot of Geneva by Warren Hunting Smith. His book was first published by Farrar & Rinehart in 1940. Warren Smith lives in Geneva and wrote about the W. & T. Smith Nursery Company of Geneva for the August 1993 issue.

Richard Palmer contributes an article about the Kanona and Prattsburg Railroad, nicknamed "The Kick and Push" from the first letter of each town and the sometimes balkiness of its engine. He also supplies an article that featured the railway in a 1939 Democrat & Chronicle Sunday Magazine. A poem written in 1909 by Irv Nichols, a traveling salesman from Cortland, New York, about a train ride from Kanona to Prattsburg is included with the article. Also included is a photograph of the road's venerable engine, "Old Hulda" with her crew. Town of Prattsburgh historian, Elsie Moon, found the picture in the collection of the Prattsburgh Community Historical Society. Engineer Charles Hotchkin was Mrs. Moon's father.

Next Issue

The mysterious ruins at Bluff Point on Keuka Lake will be featured in the November issue. An article by David D. Robinson will report the observations of surveyors and excavators of the site, and its similarities with other ancient constructions.

Noah Webster's Blue-Back Speller will be the subject of the third installment of Education in Earlier Times by Robert Koch.

More from Robert McNamara and his two companions' 1928 trip in a 1922 Studebaker touring car around Lake Ontario will appear in the next issue.

The next issue will have more from Hannah Lapp's new book The Grapes of Opportunity. The Lapps move to their own farm, get their first livestock and learn about grapes.

Chapter IX from The Misses Elliot of Geneva will appear next month. In it wolves come to Geneva and menace the Elliot's roses.

In the next issue you can read about the Bachelor's Party and how they improved Bath in 1841. The story comes from Ansel McCall's historical address at the centennial of Bath in 1893.

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