December 1993

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Anne Sneller begins this issue with her account of what the season of Christmas was like in her childhood home in Onandaga County, New York, in the last decades of the 19th century. It is a chapter from her book, A Vanished World, the story of her family and her childhood. She was born in July 1883 and taught school much of her life. She finished her book in 1963 when she was 80 years old. Syracuse University Press will be reissuing A Vanished World in a paperback edition next spring.

Donovan Shilling tells of the development and successful promotion of the Rochester Lamp which became a world-wide standard of illumination just before the electric incandescent lamp. Don Shilling lives in Penfield. His story of the speed run of locomotive number 999 appeared in our May 1993 issue.

Richard Palmer recalls railroad slang that he heard as a boy around railroad yards and eating places. Dick Palmer's story of the Kanona and Prattsburgh Railroad was in the October issue this year. He lives in Tully, New York.

Herbert Wisbey sent a follow-up story to his article last month about the Penn Yan Diner.

Hannah Lapp contributes another selection from her book about her family's farming experiences in Chautauqua County, New York. This part is a continuation from chapter 2 of the book she is writing titled The Grapes of Opportunity.

John Rezelman recounts the story of a ghost of a German laborer. The ghost tells of his experiences working on the Williamson Road. John wrote this to celebrate the bicentennial of Bath, New York, where he lives.

Warren Hunting Smith contributes Chapter X from The Misses Elliot of Geneva, which we are serializing in the Crooked Lake Review. Warren Smith lives in Geneva, New York.

This issue concludes with Part III of Robert F. McNamara's story How We Rediscovered Canada in 1928. Rev. McNamara grew up in Corning and lives now in Rochester.

Next Issue

As is our custom, our January issue will again feature a genealogy lesson by Bim VanEtten. The issue will also contain the final installment of Rev. McNamara's story of his automobile trip with two chums through Ontario and Quebec in 1928, another chapter from The Misses Elliot of Geneva by Warren H. Smith, and another installment from Hannah Lapp's book, The Grapes of Opportunity.

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