December 1994

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Cornelius Younglove Diary

transcribed by

Leonard P. Wood

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Younglove, Timothy Meigs Younglove and Cornelius S. Younglove

December 1826

1 Friday, December 1826 Went to the shed. Andrew Brink came to help. We laid one course. Cold snow. We went home. Brought down the cabbage. Most lost the day.

2 Saturday Putting away apples for winter. Went to Pegtown at night, bot some tallow, paid for it. Bot two spelling books of Smith.

3 Sunday Cold day—Aaron at home. Young Spalding with him.

4 Monday Went to John Clark's shop in the morning, got nothing done. I went to Ben Jaynes afternoon.

5 Tuesday Good weather. Went up to the shed. Silas Jayne began to work half month. Hired Andrew Brink. Silas Jayne cut brush for Mr. Clark, to pay Brink. Jos. Weeks, Esq. Bennet helped half day.

6 Wednesday Killing hogs. Had Green cut up & salted all the pork at night.

7 Thursday Good weather. Self at the shed. Had A. Brink for hire.

8 Friday Self and Saml at the shed, boarding & fixing yard.

10 Sunday Went to Pegtown afternoon to hear Mr. Savage.

11 Monday Went to Squire Bennet's barn. Self and Joe Weeks cleaned 15 bushels wheat. Brot it home & took it to Baker's mill. Sam & Silas Jayne chopping wood. Took 2 1/2 bushels buckwheat for Joe Weeks.

12 Tuesday Making room for my apples. Boys, Sam & Silas chopping.

13 Wednesday I drawed one load wood, fixed little waggon. Boys chopping. Self & John Powers went to Bath to the lodge.

14 Thursday Joe Weeks came in the morning to do 3 days work for buckwheat. I drawed two loads of wood. Puttered about home. Boys chopping on hill.

15 Friday Boys and Joe chopping firewood on the hill. Silas pretty dumpish. I drawed some wood.

16 Saturday Joe Weeks last day, buckwheat day. I drawed one load wood, chopped afternoon and Saml drawed two load. Silas run down bad as an old buck.

17 Sunday I went to Bramsville, brot home the lambs.

18 Monday Drawing wood off the hill. Boys chopping.

19 Tuesday I drawed three load of wood. Silas and Sam chopping.

20 Wednesday Filing cross cut. Sam, boys chopping on the flat.

21 Thursday Silas Jaynes last day of his half month. He cut wood on the flat & helped me saw some stove wood. Sam drawed five load with the oxen.

22 Friday Self and Sam went to Bramsville, put up the sheep racks. Snow and cold. Brot home the augers to make sheepracks.

23 Saturday Sam and Juliann went to Bath with the waggon. I stayed at home, began sheep rack. Aaron came home at night.

24 Sunday [No entry.]

25 Monday Christmas day. Home all day. Little work done, sheep rack. Saml went to his Uncle Aarons. I went Pegtown at night.

26 Tuesday Cold snow, wind blow forenoon, afternoon more moderate. Finished the frame of one large sheep rack & mended some old ones.

27 Wednesday Cold weather. Home in the house all day. Mr. Burdsil came a second time to make shoes. I nailed the slat boards on my sheep rack.

28 Thursday Cold yet. I went up Esq Bennets to help run a line between Bennets & myself.

29 Friday John Weeks came to saw stove wood, both days to be cr. to John. I split some wood, fixed old racks, cut my ankle. Saml got home from Ontario.

30 Saturday Sam drawing pine stove wood. I split some forenoon. Went to Pegtown afternoon, on jury between Hammond and John Moore.

31 Sunday December, 1826 Chissom started off with Jane in the morning.

© 1994, Leonard P. Wood
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Pegtown was an early name for Hammondsport, for the wood shoe pegs made there. Bramsville was the upper part of Younglove's farm on the higher level above his home in the valley.
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