March 1995

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Cornelius Younglove Diary

transcribed by

Leonard P. Wood

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Younglove, Timothy Meigs Younglove and Cornelius S. Younglove

March 1827

1 Thursday, March 1827. John Daniels came down with his horses and helped thresh wheat all dy. 320 sheaves. Snow smartly the after part of the day.

2 Friday. After taking care of cattle, went out with Aaron, cut down an ash tree. John Daniels came after load straw. Threshed and took it off the floor. I took a log to Sam Baker's mill to saw for sheep pen fence.

3 Saturday. Self and boys cleaning up wheat. I went to Hopkins to settle school business with Capt. Stone.

6 Tuesday. Town meeting. All hands went.

7 Wednesday. I took small load of wheat to Hastings. Boys threshing wheat. Broke my waggon bolt. Went John Clarks got it mended.

8 Thursday. I went to Bennets barn to clean wheat, had 26 bushel. Saml took up oxen & sled. Aaron took the sheep. Boys draw rails. Fixed a sheep pen.

9 Friday. Boys threshed corn. I went to Bennets, got the remainder of my wheat and took it to the mill.

10 Saturday. Boys sawing stove wood. I went to Bramsville, fixed some sheep racks and brot home the grist from the mill.

11 Sunday. Fine warm day.

12 Monday. Self, Aaron and Saml went to Bramsville, cut some timber for barrack. I went to Ben Jaynes for the bulls yoke, got the bows and irons.

13 Tuesday. Cold. The boys cleaning wheat & etc. I fixed the lock on the cellar door. Stop'd the minister hole. Went to Wm Baker's and to Pegtown. Got Lamb's school bill.

14 Wednesday. Putting up fence around wheat by John Daniels. Fixed warrant for collecting Lamb's school bills in the morning.

15 Thursday. Cold and snow in the morning. Boys thresh corn, draw some stove wood. Esq. Powers came and kept me home from Bramsville. Stays most all day.

16 Friday. Self and boys went to Bramsville. Drawing lumber for barrack. Got Bram Depew's sled.

17 Saturday. Self and Sam went to Bramsville. Drawed eight sticks for barrack timber. Pleasant weather.

There is a gap in Cornelius Younglove's journal here for 6 years until the same month in 1833. Julia Ann, the oldest daughter and second child (2/27/1805—10/23/1885), had married Jacob Edwards, sometime about 1827. They had four children: Cornelius Y., Edwin, Halsey S., and Jacob C. Julia Ann married again, to John McBurney in 1844.

The oldest son Aaron (5/30/1803 — 12/20/1838) married Evaline Clizbe about 1830. They had a daughter Hannah and a son Norton.

The third child, Samuel B. (6/7/1807 — 2/21/1887) married Lydia Jacobus 9/20/1828.

Timothy Meigs Younglove (4/5/1814 — 4/10/1892) is mentioned more in the diary because he is the oldest child at home. Two other brothers, Joseph and Dugald, died in infancy. Timothy in 1833 is 19 years old and his father is 61.

Timothy married Matilda Hoyt September 29, 1839. They had three girls and a boy. Myra married L. D. Rose. [He is mentioned in this issue in John Rezelman's commentary on the diaries of T. N. Smith.] Ellen died at 6 months. Emma, her twin sister, married Dr. H. R. Ainsworth.

Oliver Hoyt Younglove married Margaret Myrtle whose parents bought the Greek house in Hammondsport where The House of Travel is now located.

Cornelius Younglove's journal now continues:

21 Thursday, March 1833. Began fencing the wheat Self & Timothy—in afternoon went to H. P. got some fish.

22 Friday. Self, McCaslin & Timothy fencing wheat. Sold 2 barrels cider—Warren he took one barrel to return.

24 Sunday. Went to meeting.

25 Monday. Self, McCaslin and Timothy at the fencing— I went after Otis Read.

26 Tuesday. Self, McCaslin & Otis Read & Timothy fencing.

27 Wednesday. Self, McCaslin, Otis & Timothy fencing wheat.

28 Thursday. McCaslin & Timothy fencing, I took Susan French home to her Fathers—bought half bushel clover seed of Gansavort.

29 Friday. Solomon Loder came to work the one day behind on his board when going to school. We finished the fence round the wheat. McCaslin worked till noon. We cut trees for the cider house.

30 Saturday. Solomon began his summer work. Timothy surveying for Pierce. I got the old horse shod at Blains—one new shoe & one old one sot. Went to McCaslins—yoked the bulls the first time brot home the little sheep.

31 Sunday. Self & Mother went Aarons.

© 1994, Leonard P. Wood
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Pegtown was an early name for Hammondsport, for the wood shoe pegs made there. Bramsville was the upper part of Younglove's farm on the higher level above his home in the valley.
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