July 1995

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Joe Kane recalls the downpour and resulting flooding along the Canisteo River in July of 1935 to begin this issue. Mr. Kane worked then at the G.L.F. feed mill in Addison and during the flood was in charge because the regular manager was on vacation. Shortly after the flood, Joe was informed that he would be replaced by a 2-year Cornell graduate. Before he was let go, he worked a couple of weeks showing the ropes to several management trainees. He soon got another job operating a crane at Ingersoll Rand. Joe Kane also contributed an account of the 1972 flood in Painted Post for our June 1992 issue.

Robert F. McNamara gives imaginary account of a Saturday evening in July of 1925, when he was entertained as a young boy by the hucksters on Market Street in Corning. Rev. McNamara lives in Rochester. He wrote about Miss Fannie Benjamin for our August 1994 issue.

Anne Brewer's story of her search for the weavers of coverlets who lived and worked in the Finger Lakes region starts in the right hand column of page 1. Mrs. Brewer demonstrates weaving on antique looms at the Bath Fair and other area fairs and exhibitions. She lives in Bath, New York.

John Rezelman continues his review of T. N. Smith's diary with comments on the July 1888 entries. Among the many articles John Rezelman has written for the CLR is the piece he wrote about starting Model T Fords in our February 1994 issue. He lives in Bath, New York.

Barbara Bell contributes another chapter from her book, Letters to Suzanna. Mrs. Bell wrote the account of Charles Cook that appeared in our April, 1995 issue. Mrs. Bell lives in Irelandville and is Schuyler County Historian.

Herbert Wisbey has provided a note on the unlikeliness that Robert Ingersoll really delivered in 1866 a Memorial Day address at Dresden. The text of the speech appeared on the back page of our May 1995 issue with a statement that Ingersoll delivered the oration that year in Dresden. Prof. Wisbey offers an explanation of how the belief may have come about.

Ed Harris who wrote many stories about his experiences as a boy in Dundee and later in the concrete construction business around Rochester suffered a stroke on April 24th. He has been receiving speech and physical therapy at St. Mary's Hospital, and is making improvement.

Next Issue

Coming in the August issue will be an excursion of Keuka Lake with Richard Sherer on board the Keuka Maid, a story by Robert Anderson about his family's efforts to secure drinking water for their lakeside cabin, John Rezelman's report on T. N. Smith's diary of August, 1888, and another chapter from Barbara Bell's Letters to Suzanna.

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