February 1996

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About this Issue

Note from the Editors

Sunday Travel Blue Laws, another essay by Robert V. Anderson about the evolution of laws from earlier times begins this issue. His Election Stories appeared in the November 1995 issue and and his A Deed of 1791 in the June 1995 issue. Robert Anderson lives in New Hartford, New York, and is emeritus professor of political science at Utica College, Syracuse University.

Thomas D. Cornell begins a new series of essays called Searching for the American Revolution. His Iroquois Stories ran in our March through September 1994 issues. His essays on the Hammondsport Glen were in the May through September 1993 issues. Tom Cornell lives in Rochester and teaches courses on the history of science and technology at R. I. T.

David D. Robinson returns with more information about Canisteo Castle. He presents new information about horizontal squared-log construction introduced into this country by the Swedes and Finns that may reveal who were the builders of the barracks at Canisteo. His article The Outlaw Fort Canisteo Castle was in our November 1995 issue. In November 1993 he wrote about the mysterious ruin at Bluff Point. Dave Robinson lives in Swain, New York, and keeps informed about archeological work in this country and abroad.

Barbara Bell tells how the pioneer families bartered, or purchased goods and services they needed when they didn't produce or make do with what they had, in another chapter from her Letters to Suzanna that begins on page 3. Mrs. Bell is historian for Schuyler County.

Derick Van Schoonhoven brings us a selection from the journal of Emma Larison Colwell: a 1912 letter by William Morgan Updyke with stories about the Updyke and Larison families. Mr. Van Schoonhoven lives near Corning.

The issue concludes with an article about Mallory's Mill in Hammondsport by Bill Treichler. The article is based on research by Dick Sherer and by Fran Dumas. More about Mallory is the September 1989 issue in Fran Dumas's series about the mills along the Outlet of Keuka Lake and in Tom Cornell's essay about the Hammondsport Glen in the July 1993 issue.

Next Issue

The March issue will feature selections from the autobiography of Floyd Griswold Greene written in the late 1940s that tells about life around Rogersville. There will be a second essay, Sitting-Room Sessions, by Tom Cornell, and a chapter from Barbara Bell's, Letters to Suzanna.

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