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Harpending's Corners

and other stories by Edwin N. Harris

These stories appeared in the Crooked Lake Review between August 1989 and March 1995.
Preface More Summer Jobs
Husky Norris and the Wrestling Match Married Man
"Deak" Florance Working for Fred Hines
Lauren Ernest Harris and Charles Hill, Jr. Dynamite on the Hill
Stepping Back The Syracuse Army Air Base
Dundee The Despatch Shops of East Rochester
Sam Harpending Catapulted Rail Cars
My Childhood Harold Wansborough
My Parents Practical Jokers
Grandma "D" "The Ridge"
Wage Earner at Last Raising the Dredge
Charley Matteson and Elmer Strahan Work Life and Family Life in the 1950s
My First Schooling I. M. Ludington's Sons
Surviving Illness Aside from Business
Laura Florance A New Career
Human Cyclone, Lewis W. Kleckler A New Hartford Day
Levi Price and Sarah Clark Working with Grace
A Little Winter Story Roger, Amanda and the Dundee Observer
Golden Years for Three Great Aunts Nameless Brook
The Chicago World's Fair Ice Fishermen on the St. Lawrence
Graduation Collect Stories for Your Genealogies
Rochester Business Institute
See Ed Harris: Thanks for the Memoirs by Bill Kauffman
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