Fall 1998

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Issue No. 109

About this Issue

Diary of Abigail Hackett, Part 5
edited with notes by George Dickey

Halsey C. Ives
by Herbert A. Wisbey, Jr.

The Thunderbirds Are Back
by Robert J. Gregory

Overacker Corners Schoolhouse Reopened
by Bill Treichler

A Short Natural History
of the Western Finger Lakes Region

by Stephen Lewandowski

New York Timeline 1791, 1792
by David Minor

The Mills At Cold Spring
by Joseph E. Paddock

Copies of Surveyors' Property Descriptions
for Land Transactions along Cold Brook
by Richard G. Sherer

A Schooner on Crooked Lake
by Richard Palmer

In Yates' Land Of Jerusalem
by Donovan A. Shilling

The Rockwell Museum's Great Treasures
by Donovan A. Shilling

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