Fall 1999

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Issue No. 113

About this Issue

A Visit to Lain's Cider Mill
by Bill Treichler

Retracing the Route of the Sullivan Expedition
Through Pennsylvania, Part II - Fort Augusta

by Thomas D. Cornell

Memories of Teaching in One-Room Schools
by Alice Bordwell Elwell and
Hazel Dinehart Robeson

New York Timeline: 1799, 1800
by David Minor

Rochester's Do-It-Yourself Solution to a Budget Crunch
by Gerard E. Muhl

1825 Journal of a Traveller between Auburn and Geneva
supplied by Richard Palmer

NSG Visits Williamsburgh Cemetery
by David Minor

NSG Visits Rochester's Historical Society
by Donovan A. Shilling

NSG Visits Mysterious Stones Found in Genesee Country
by Donovan A. Shilling

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