The Crooked Lake Review

Summer 2001

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Issue No. 120

About this Issue

Itinerant Tradesmen and Entertainers Long Ago in Naples
by Gladys Dunton

Did Sea Serpents Once Inhabit The Great Lakes?
by Richard Palmer

A Tense Incident up the Dug Road
by John Rezelman

The Ceremonial First Digging on the Erie Canal
by Daniel J. Mordell

A Biography of John Magee
Chapter Seven, "A New Community"

by Gary M. Emerson

New York City / State Timeline Tracing the Years, 1813, 1814
by David Minor

Backward Glance: The Era of The Drover
by Richard Palmer

More selections by Robert Koch of pioneer experiences from
O. Turner's 1850 Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase
Reminiscences of Droving by Silas Hopkins and John Gould

NSG Walks through Historic Honeoye Falls
by Donovan A. Shilling

NSG Enjoys the Glory of Glass at the Corning Museum of Glass
by Donovan A. Shilling

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